-clings harder and shakes his head whilst pouting- I don't want to!! And where did Jackson run to? Did he pee his pants or something–? Oh well, at least I get to hop on Mark's back ❤ -Jr

/giggles at you two and then shrugs/ Lord knows. He’s probably trying to challenge someone in a fencing battle or asking people if he’s “Wild and Sexy.”~ /starts to laugh at the sight of you and Mark/

Apr 23 19:08
   Now you've got 3/7 got7 anons, give me one of them

Haha~ Mianhae Anon, but they’re mine!!!~ ㅋ Just kidding!!~ Hopefully you get some soon!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Apr 23 18:50
   Yeah Jr! GET OFF ME! *laughs* Hey he's mine I was here first! -Mark

/whines and laughs/ Mark!~ /turns to glare playfully at Jackson/ Aren’t you gonna say something?? /pouts/ 

Apr 23 18:37
   -casually pulls Mark down from Jackson and rides on his back instead- Give this momma a ride -Jr

/smiles/ Thanks Jinyoung.~ /glares at Mark playfully and points at him/ Stay away from /points to herself/ my man.~ This /looks and points to Jackson/ is all m——JACKSON, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE STOP WINKING AT MARK. /deadpans/

Apr 23 18:31
   Kay *jumps in jackson arms* let's go baby -Mark


Apr 23 18:08
   -stands in between Mark and Jackson as he hangs his arms over their shoulders- Yah yah, no one's getting a beating while I'm around!! -Jr

Aigoo, my boys.~ /smiles/

Apr 23 18:07
   Course not *winks* ~Jackson

/rolls eyes and looks at the both you/ Yah, maybe you two should go out together!~ /nudges both of your sides and starts laughing/

Apr 23 18:06
   *smiles* You're not gonne beat me up right? *Chuckles* -Mark

/smiles and looks back at Jackson/

Apr 23 18:00
   Mark hyung..... *signals towards door* wanna practice? ~Jackson

/looks at Mark/

Apr 23 17:56
   yeah yeah I will now go to Jackson *pushes away* *fakes a smile* *leaves and takes Jr.* -Mark

Ey, ey quit pushing!~ /sees you take Jr./ YAH, YOU BETTER NOT HOG HIM ALL DAY!~ /looks back at both of you/ I wonder…./shrugs and searches for Jackson/

Apr 23 17:55