I'm used to the bruises now, it's all worth it in the end anyway, I'm doing what I love so I'm happy, and no our schedules been postponed for the time being. Enough about me, how have you been? Oh and you should draw more portraits of me so I can hang them in my dorm, that way I can always have a piece of you near me. ~Jackson

As long as you’re happy, I’m happy~ /smiles/ And you and the guys should rest now that you don’t have any schedules!! And I’m doing well, just taking a break before finals and you want them? I’m still lacking a lot and I feel like they can’t compare to the actual thing. /pouts T^T/ But if you want them, I’m more than happy to make you more and give them to you! /claps hands together/ I’ll do yours and the others (if they want) when exams are over~ 

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Reblog To See Who People Would Pair You With For WGM

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Grandma ain’t playing around.

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Jongup your members are done with you

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himchan was supposed to be b.a.p’s main dancer but ts decided the world wasn’t ready for his revolutionary dancing skills yet;

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Happy Birthday, Kim Himchan! {140419}
aka the cutest little troublemaker ever.
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140419 EXO-M 1ST COMEBACK STAGE OVERDOSE ERA | Today Tao was ill. There was talk going around that the director of the show had spoken to Tao about not doing such a back flip since he was ill. However Tao insisted (as we’ve seen) for EXO-M’s comeback stage. This only gives us a glimpse of an idol’s sacrifice. In the entertainment industry, a sick day isn’t something you can just call out for. Even though we were all worried, Tao kept saying It’s alright.” This is to hoping that Tao will feel better and that our twelve aliens, EXO, will remain healthy during promotions.

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90. 04. 19. Happy 24th / 25th Birthday Himchan!

Where did the time go? I still remember when I was fangirling over you when b.a.p debuted. Now it’s the third time we have been with you since your debut. You have dealt with so much, from being called useless to your fans making fun of your English. You’re an inspiration to not just me, but to others as well and you deserve to be happy. Thank you for being in b.a.p & thank you for being my bias.

I really hope you have a great birthday with your members and hopefully with your family. And eat a lot of cake! 

Happy Birthday baby. c:

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                  ♥Happy Birthday to my dearest Himchan!♥

I hope that in the future we’re able to make greater and better memories with you, don’t ever forget that just as much as you say we’re important, you’re important. Thank you for being yourself and showing me and other babyz how someone can be beautiful in different ways ♥ I Truly Love You.

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Parent of missing student on Sewol reveals the ‘truth’



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